Step 1


Come up with a believable excuse for everyday situations. If you’re hoping to cut in line somewhere like the grocery store or the bank, you’re more likely to be successful since these are common places that people go regularly. Think up a simple excuse for why you need to cut in line, such as you’re in a hurry, to see if the person will let you cut in front of them.

For example, you might say, “Do you mind if I cut in front of you? I’m already very late at work” if you’re at the pharmacy.

If you’re at the grocery store, ask, “Can I cut in front of you because my dog is waiting in the car?”

You might say, “Excuse me, can I cut in front of you? I’m in a hurry to pick my child up from school.”

Step 2


Use an urgent excuse for a unique circumstance or a super long line. If you’re trying to cut in line at a much-anticipated basketball game or concert, it’s going to be more difficult to get someone to let you unless you have a more urgent excuse. Convey your urgency not only through your words but also through your movements and body language so that it’s believable.

Maybe you’re in line for a state carnival and you say, “Do you mind if I go in front of you? My kids went on ahead of me and I can’t find them.”

Say something like, “Excuse me, can I cut in front of you? One of the dancers needs my help” if you’re in line for a dance recital.

If you’re in a long line that’s outdoors in the sun, you might say, “Can I cut in front of you please? I can’t stay out in the heat for very long.

Sound a bit stressed when you’re talking to the person so they believe you.

Step 3


Bribe someone in line with money if you get desperate. If you really want to get in front of them but they’re saying no, see if they will accept a few dollars for you to cut in front of them. This may not work on everyone, but it does a good job of showing your desperation. The more money you offer, the more likely they are to let you cut in front of them.

You might bribe someone with $10 if you’re in a huge rush and are going to be late for an interview.

For example, say, “Can I offer you $5 to let me cut in front of you? I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t urgent.”